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Colossal, the Department of Incredible Insects recently encountered more photos of the fascinating work of French artist Hubert Duprat and his industrious Caddisflies (previously featured here).

"Right now, in almost every river in the world, some 12,000 different species of caddisfly larvae wriggle and crawl through sediment, twigs, and rocks in an attempt to build temporary aquatic cocoons. To do this, the small, slow-moving creatures excrete silk from salivary glands near their mouths which they use like mortar to stick together almost every available material into a cozy tube. A few weeks later a fully developed caddisfly emerges and almost immediately flies away."

Since the 1980s Duprat has been collecting caddisfly larvae from their normal environments and transporting them to aquariums in his studio. There he gently removes their own natural cocoons and puts the larvae in tanks filled with materials such as pearls, beads, opals, turquoise and pieces of 18-karat gold. The insects still do exactly what comes naturally to them, but in doing so they create exquisite gilded sculptures that they temporarily call home. If you saw them out of context, you’d never guess they’d been created insects.

Visit Colossal for additional images and video of Hubert Duprat discussing these amazing insects and their shiny, shiny creations.

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A health worker disinfects a corpse in an Ebola isolation ward, once a primary school, in Monrovia, Liberia.

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Modos Furniture System (2014) by Matt Tyson and Andrew Personette on Kickstarter

Modos is a tool free furniture system that uses connectors and boards to make anything you want. We created Modos because there are a lot of things wrong with traditional furniture. First of all, assembling furniture is a hassle. Many friendships have been lost over assembling flat-pack furniture. Not only that, but the end product usually ends up being disappointing. Most flat-pack furniture is extremely low quality and isn’t meant to last. In addition, out of the box furniture is limited to one thing, or costs an exorbitant amount if you want to go custom. We thought there was a better option. That’s why we invented Modos.

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Relationship goals. 100%

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by Chiara Bautista

We are absolutely in love!

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The Wonderful Atmospheric Animated Artwork of Nancy Liang

Over the Moon

Nancy Liang’s blog // 23, illustrator, paper enthusiast // Thank you for visiting! // http://cargocollective.com/nliang // nanc.kliang@gmail.com

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